Alexa “Lexie” Thomas has a problem only a magical force can rectify. Lexie is running in fear for her life through the woods of a mountain campsite where she has taken refuge from her ex-convict boyfriend, Joe O’Neil. Recently released from prison, Joe has sworn revenge on Lexie for pressing criminal charges against him for a prior assault on her.

As she struggles through the dense overgrowth, Lexie stumbles upon a log cabin with a sign that reads “Lacey’s Lamp.” Inside she finds a safe haven in the form of a rustic bar and a proprietress with special powers, Lacey Flowers. Lacey claims to be a genie who can grant her the fondest wish of her heart.

When Lexie confides her wish to Lacey, the genie directs her to Eric Cooper, the handsome park ranger with whom Lexie is acquainted from prior camping trips. As her relationship with Eric heats up, the manhunt for Joe continues. Can Eric protect her from Joe’s retribution? Or will Lexie continue to run now to protect Eric? Only the genie knows for certain.

Lexie's Last Run

"Two hearts sprinkled with magic equal one wish fulfilled."